Candy Bar Quilt

Candy Bar Quilt

Candy Bar Quilt

I am sorry, I dropped off the map for a couple of months!  I need to get back into the hobbies I love and share some of my crafts with my readers.  This Summer we were able to visit our good friends in VA.  Before my trip started, I planned all the sewing I would get finished in the car.  My “Candy Bar Quilt” was just waiting on the binding.  It was the first thing I completed on the trip.  The little girl in this picture, happens to be one of my best friends, Laura. (who we were visiting)   This picture was taken by her father and was in the guest bedroom on our visit.  We had a wonderful visit and Laura admired my quilt, so I left it in the chair, just like this when we left and she loved it!

This was one of the fastest quilts that I have ever finished.  When I went to “sewing days” in May, one of my friends, Janice, provided us with the basis for this quilt.  It was a very simple pattern that anyone can complete in less than a day.  The cream pieces were cut 5″ x 10″ and provided by Janice, then I used a “candy bar” pack that I had won at a local quilt shop.  The original pattern used a charm pack with the 5″ x 10″ blocks.  Janice cut all the cream fabric and we got to choose the ones we wanted to complete our quilt.  I choose all different creams for my quilt.  There were 11 rows in my quilt with 3 cream and 3 pattern pieces in each row.

Candy Bar Quilt

Candy Bar Quilt

In my quilt, I used 33 (5 x 10) and 33 (2.5 x 5) pieces.  I then added a 1.5″ small border and a 7″ border.  I really loved the quilt when it was finished.  I didn’t get a really clear picture of the quilt.

Charm square quilt

Charm square quilt

Candy bar / Charm square quilt

Candy bar/ Charm square quilt

This is a picture of my Candy Bar quilt next to the Charm square version.  You can see that the Charm squares make a much bigger quilt. Irvalee choose to use two creams and alternated the blocks in a brick like pattern.  What you will love about this quilt is there are  really no seams to match. You can use up some of your scraps or one of those Charms packs you had to have, but haven’t yet found a use for!

Oh yes, the yellow strip in the picture is another one of my UFO’s.  If you are looking for a fast and easy quilt…here’s the answer!!

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