Cat Man Boo – Halloween Wool

Cat Man Boo

Cat Man Boo


If you have followed my blog in the past, you will recall that a few years ago I happened upon an Estate Sale where I purchased many unfinished projects as well as some kits.  Well, “Cat Man Boo” was one of the purchases that I made that day.  He was a kit and he is wool.  The background reminds me of an old army blanket. (and that may be just what it is)  I purchased many wool kits at this sale and this is one of the first I completed.  (Well, almost)  The “Cat” should really be a pillow and as we speak, he is just a spooky cat on an army blanket.  I have yet to make him into a pillow,  but I wanted to share him since tomorrow is Halloween.  He is from the book “Spooky Threads” by Need’l Love.  I just love all the books in the “thread” series and would love to complete every project.

Spooky Threads

Spooky Threads


Happy Halloween!  I will be hosting the “quilties” on Halloween and I am making a new surprise for dessert….stay tuned!!!!!!


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