Ticket Stub Shadow Box

Cricut project ticket stub shadow box

Cricut project Shadow box ticket stub

My great-niece, Cassidy has attended quite a few concerts in the past few months, so shen  I saw a shadow box on Pinterest for ticket stubs and knew I had to make one for her.  I was not quite as handy as the original pin.  They put a slot in the top of the shadow box so that you could drop the tickets in. I did not have the tools to do that and I am not sure if that would have been as good for Cass, because I am sure she wanted to showcase her favorite ticket stubs.  That would be BLAKE SHELTON!

Cricut project ticket stub shadow box

Cricut project ticket stub shadow box

I did not think to take pictures of each step, but this was an easy project.(less than 30 minutes)  I got the shadow box from IKEA. (my favorite place)  The background is shiny grey chevron scrapbook paper that I purchased at JoAnne’s.  I cut the word “Concerts” from black vinyl with my Cricut.  I welded the letters in the “Cricut Craft Room” (the best place ever and it’s FREE).  I then just put the vinyl on the outside of the glass.  I love the way Cass put her tickets in her box.  If you look closely on the right hand side, you will see that she has a PIT Wrist band.  She attended a Maroon Five Concert and was in the pit!  Yes, that is Adam Levine and she was that close…lucky girl!!

Cassidy and Adam

Cassidy and Adam Levine

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  1. Love this! Do u know where to find glass shadow boxes which have a small slit in top of the shadow box…saw these on uppercase living which is a home decor company that I love! Let me know…I really want glass shadow boxes!

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