The Nursery

nursery fabric

nursery fabric

We are on the count down for the arrival of our new granddaughter. My next few posts will include some of the preparations for our new bundle of joy!  The first step we took was to pick out the fabric.  The color scheme was prompted by the fact that my daughter and son-in-law rent a condo and are not permitted to paint or change the curtains. The nursery has three tan walls and one mint wall, so that was the starting point for the room.  Mint, coral and gold!

The starting point

The starting point

To make the room special, it was decided to cover the valance with the gold polka dot burlap.  I just stapled the burlap to the valance and tucked the curtain up under…I had to pin the top down with T-pins…which I did after I took this picture.

Next we covered the wall with gold metallic dots, which were  ordered online and were 3″.  The website had loads of sizes and colors and they were easy to adhere.  I really stressed over the placement.  I was so afraid they would not be even!   I decided to use my 12″ square ruler to help with the placement.

dot placement

dot placement

I put the dot centers on the 6″ and 12″ marks.  I forgot to do a close-up of the wall before I took off the backing.  If you look at the bottom dot, you can see it still had the backing attached.  I used “frog tape” or painters tape to hold the dots in place until I had them positioned where they needed to be…I then peeled of the backing a little at a time while I rubbed on the dots!  I loved the look!

polka dotted wall

polka-dotted wall

The jazzed up wall!!

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