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Ashley and Tim’s Wedding…Save the Date


As promised in the anniversary post, I am going to do a series of posts on the journey to the big date…Nov 5, 2011, when I gained a new son-in-law.  I hope this will give some of you ideas if you are planning a wedding or maybe just a party.  My job was to be the “minion” for the journey.  I had to rent the movie “Despicable Me”, to see what my daughter was talking about the first time she used this term.  If you haven’t a clue…rent the movie…this was the going joke between us while my daughter was planning her wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy to be a minion.  Like every Mom, I wanted my daughter’s wedding to be perfect and if I could play a small part in this perfection, I was happy to!

Ahhhhhhhhhh :D

Before we can send out the “Save the Date”, we had to have the proposal.  That goes back to their first date.  On their first date they went to a Chinese restaurant and of course they got fortune cookies.  When they broke open their cookies, the had the same fortune it read, “Sing and Rejoice, fortune is smiling upon you.”  Tim is a great cook and while Ashley was back in Ohio on a visit, Tim made the fortune cookies pictured above and put in the fortune, “Sing and Rejoice, fortune is smiling upon us.” He had the cookies and a bottle of wine sitting on the table when they arrived home from dinner.

The first task was to choose the colors for the wedding.  Ashley choose a “blue, sand and coral”.  She sent me paint chips of the colors and I had to find the Stampin Up cardstock colors that bested matched her choices.  We settled on “Marina Mist, Crumb Cake and Poppy Parade.”  She was going to use a “Beach Theme” so we choose to use images from the “Life’s a Beach”, Cricut Cartridge.  We tossed around ideas and decided the save the date should be a “message in a bottle.”  I would make up a mock bottle and I would mail it from Oh to FL to see how  it would arrive.  I tried an empty Coke bottle and an empty water bottle.  Tim didn’t like the looks of either of these, so we started looking on the internet.  The decision was made to use these “spice” jars that Ashley ordered from the Pottery Barn.
We traveled to FL for Christmas and visited the venue and I collected sand on St Pete’s beach to use in the bottle.  (The sand was put in a ziplock bag and packed in my checked luggage and I did not think about what it must have looked like to security, so I had a little sand in my clothes where they must have opened the bag to make sure it was just sand)

save the date items wedding

Save the date Wedding items

We used :  a shell necklace for the small shells in the bottle, a paper drink umbrella, ribbon from Michael’s that said “Eat, Drink and Be Married”, wedding rings, sand and spice jars.  I made the tags by cutting 3 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch out of blue and used the “ticket corner” punch on the ends.  I typed the wording on the computer out of Whisper White and also punched the corners of the tag. (the one pictured had a different punch)

wedding save the date tag

Wedding Save the Date tag

The corral was cut using the “Life’s a Beach” Cricut Cartridge.

wedding save the date tag

Wedding Save the Date tag

wedding save the date

Wedding Save The Date

We use these little gift boxes to send the bottles.  I had really wanted them to just get the loose bottle in the mail, but by using glass bottles that would not have been possible.

wedding save the date box

Wedding Save the Date Box

Happy First Anniversary Card for Ashley and Tim


One year ago today we stood on the beach and witnessed my daughter become the bride of Tim Fialkowski.  That was one of the happiest days of my life.  When your children are born I think we all have the same wish …that they are happy and healthy.   I have always told my children that family comes first.  I believe that with my whole heart.  So I feel blessed that my daughter found her “prince charming” and had a fairy tale wedding in front of a big pink castle.
As I reflected upon this happy occasion, I looked back on the reason I started this blog.  It was to showcase my creative journey.  This journey has been ongoing, but it was my daughter whom talked me into this blog.  So over the next few weeks I will be having a wedding post once a week where I showcase some of the creative projects we did for her fairy tale wedding.

You also need to understand that this wedding was so unlike my own.  We were married at St Nicholas Church with the reception at the local Knights of Columbus Hall, which is still about the only place to be married in our small town.  I think we only had cake and I am sure a couple of kegs of beer.  No cocktail hour or spa day for us.  No one did my nails and I am sure I even did my own hair. A” Plain Jane” wedding with homemade dotted swiss bride’s maid dresses.  So when I stepped into the lobby of this grand hotel, I felt like I had  stepped  into someone else’s life.  I still can not believe that is me in the picture.  It is remarkable what a day at the spa can do for a person!!

Happy anniversary stampin up card

Happy First Anniversary Stampin Up Card

This is the card I made for their first anniversary.

You will need:

Stampin Up products:  You can order them by clicking here!

Paper: Shimmer White, Marina Mist

Punches:  Word window Modern Label

Stamp Set: embellished Events

Pearl Basic Jewels

Organza Ribbon

Poppy Parade marker (retired)

Non Stampin Up item  –  Metal Forever tag and Pilot Silver marker ( not a real good idea–used it to stamp the glasses and it was hard to get off the stamp)