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Farmer’s Wife Quilt – Blocks # 20 and #21 – Churn Dash and Contrary Wife

Farmer's Wife #20 Churn Dash

Farmer’s Wife #20 Churn Dash

Isn’t there a saying, “…the best laid plans of mice and men…often go astray”.  Well I can certainly tell you that is a true statement.  In the Spring of 2013, I made great plans to have this quilt completed in a year.  It is now almost the Summer of 2014 and I am only a little over a third of the way finished.  The worst part about this is that I have only posted 19 of my finished blocks.

So this time there will be no grand statements for when the blocks will be completed!  I will TRY to post two per week.

This was one of the first blocks that I completed.  I did not use the paper piecing for this block and I also did not take any pictures of the sewing process.  This is a fairly simple block to complete.  While you are making this block, you may also want to jump ahead and complete #111 Wrench.  These blocks are constructed the same, it is only the color placement that changes the look of the blocks.

Farmer's Wife # 20 Churn Dash and #111 Monkey Wrench

Farmer’s Wife @ 20 Churn Dash and # 111 Wrench

This is an  up close picture of the center of my Churn Dash block.  I still love the “Bucket List” fabric that I am using in this quilt.

Farmer's Wife #20 Churn Dash

Farmer’s Wife #20 Churn Dash

Well, I guess  I can mark off number 4 on this list since is just says “join a gym” and nothing about “going to the gym”.

Farmers Wife -  Contrary Wife #21

Farmer’s Wife – Contrary Wife #21

I’m not really sure I like the name of this block, but I do like the way it turned out.  The “smile more” and “have more fun” in the center block were my inspiration today.  I had many things to do around the house,(one being…writing this blog) when my friend invited me to have a relaxing day at her pool.  I then took one look at this block and headed out the door with my bathing suit in hand.

I did not use paper piecing for this block.  The center and corner pieces are 2 1/2 ” squares and the other four pieces are half-squared triangles cut to 2 1/2″.  I hope you enjoy these blocks and follow me on my new journey to complete this quilt.  Happy sewing!

Farmer's Wife #21 Contrary Wife

Farmer’s Wife # 21 Contrary Wife