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Don’t you just love this table  for a baby shower.  Recently a friend of mine called to ask for my help making some of the decorations for a baby shower.  She found the cutest ribbon at Hobby Lobby and used that color scheme to plan the shower.  She decided to go with a nature theme.  The “Tweet Baby Girl” was cut with the cartridge George and Basic Shapes with came with the original Cricut.  I cut the birds using “A Child’s Year” cartridge.  To cut the birds, we chose the size and the hit the “AUTO FILL” button on the Cricut Expression and it cut 6 birds per page while we just sat and visited.  We cut a total of 18 each from the pink and green and they look so cute hanging from the twigs.  She place burlap behind the “Tweet Baby Girl” .  The pink ovals were cut using the “slotted” feature on the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge.  This was a quick and inexpensive  addition to the decorations.  The cost was only 4 sheets each of the pink and green card stock which was also purchased at Hobby Lobby. I have also include a picture of her food table. Great job, Diane!!

Tweet Baby Girl Shower


Today is my second day as a “Freebird”.  I retired on 7/31/2012, so my days are mine, so to speak.  I have a long list of jobs to complete around the house, but one of my goals is to reconnect with all my friends.  Two of my FFC buddies from my earlier post, work together so I have decided they are going to be my “Guinea Pigs” when it comes to recipes,  My hubby is reluctant to try new experiments from the kitchen.  Have I mentioned that I am not, nor have never have I ever  been much of a cook.  That could explain some of his apprehension.  One of my goals it to become a better cook and that will not be much of a challenge, since I would give my cooking a 2 out of 10.  I have had to step up to the plate since my mother is gone and I have the biggest house for family get-together.  We still mostly do  the Holidays as pot- lucks since  when my mom was alive and I would ask her what I could bring her standard answer was “chips,  you’re good at chips!’  No I am not making this S***  up.  My mother, God love her, would tell it to you straight.

So on to the rest of the story…

Our friend Michele recently had surgery and is still not allowed to drive, so I picked her up from work and we headed to “Neff’s”(where  Bobbie and Francie work) for lunch.  Their experiment today was Pizza Crescent Rolls.

You will need:

Crescent Rolls

40 pieces of pepperoni

4 cheese sticks

Pizza sauce

garlic powder (my pantry was lacking this ingredient and I used garlic salt…to salty)

pizza cresent rolls

cheese, crescent rolls and pepperoni

Unroll the crescent rolls and place 5 pepperoni and 1/2 of a cheese stick on each crescent roll.  Roll them up and place them on a cookie sheet.  Sprinkle them with garlic powder and bake at 375 for 10-13 minutes.  Enjoy….which is exactly what we did and I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  We dipped the rolls in pizza sauce.

how to make pepperoni cresent rolls

How to make pepperoni crescent rolls

Francie made the salad and I made something sweet (check back later for that) and Bobbie did the dishes….  Life is GOOD!!

PS  Katie Jo decided she was not up to the experiment, so she just had salad…Love ya, Katie!!

Pepperoni Crescent Rolls